Commercial Solutions

Digital Signage and Shopping Mall Guides and Maps

Digital guides and legends are quickly becoming the new standard to to quickly and effectively direct traffic of customer in the modern shopping malls. Pacific Integration is installing these great interactive tools in malls of Vancouver, including virtual guides integrated into interactive maps. Our team has experience with all types of displays for shopping malls and other commercial facilities, indoor and outdoor.


Our Custom Control Systems include programmable controllers, touch panels, keypads, and light control. CRESTRON is our exclusive control system brand and each user interface is designed especially for you. When it comes to audio and video integration, there is no ‘one size fits all’ rule.

Lighting Installation and Automation for Concerts & Venues

Concerts and professional show venues require a great deal of industrial grade equipment, and a team who can install it. Our team are experts at integrating sound systems that work every time without a fail. Pacific Integration is the expert Vancouver provider you can depend on for all your shows and concerts AV needs.


We have the expertise and experience you can trust to install audiovisual equipment correctly and create shows and events that will remain in your audience memory. Our team of technicians and developers can create venue and stage solutions customized to your needs.

Vancouver’s Leader In Commercial AV

Video Wall Applications

Video walls make Advertising more attractive, impactful and competitive. The use of moving digital images draw the eyes of the public and have far better potential for keeping interest. The images are controlled remotely, therefore ensuring that the right images are being displayed where you want them, when you want them. Pacific Integration provides full setup for both video walls and screens, making this an easy process for you.


Usually, video wall applications consist of a group of bright digital screens ( such as LCD, LED or plasma displays ) all connected to a playback device or computer that is used to control the system. Displays are linked together to form a larger high-definition display of over 100″ diagonal. Video walls are often used in department stores, office buildings, quick service restaurants, bus stations, airports and other public facilities.