Corporate Solutions

Video Screens, Projectors and Presentation Systems

In business, presentation is everything. Presentations are the most common use for projectors. It’s important to choose a device suited to your purposes depending on how often you use it, the budget, what you use it for, and size of venue. The right projector can significantly improve and ease the experience of sharing your ideas with colleagues and business partners.


Pacific Integration offers the installation of custom control and room scheduling systems. We will consider your needs and build customized interfaces to ensure the best experience for you. We carry and install CRESTRON Electronic’s products, a name known by an unmatchable quality in the market.

Data, Audio and Video Conferencing Setups

Our Vancouver video conferencing solutions will help you communicate with your business partners without even leaving the office. Classroom facilitators can also use this technology to reach students in different locations at one time, achieving the best communication experience. Pacific Integration provides the installation of Conferencing and Collaboration Tools for:


  • Presentation Systems for Boardrooms and Huddle Rooms
  • Legislative Assemblies and Council Chambers
  • Room Scheduling and Booking Systems
  • Lighting, Shading and Window Automation

Vancouver’s Leader In Corporate AV

Digital Signaling and Information Displays

Pacific Integration offers a number of options for digital signage, billboards, and advertising. Digital signage is one of the best ways to use information displays in the modern economy as quick tool to capture the eye of potential customers. Pacific Integration sources and designs the video screens to handle all of your software and integration needs.


  • Corporate Internal Communications
  • Advertising and Promotion Campaigns
  • Information and Alerts Systems
  • Customers Information Guide