Educational Solutions

Projectors, Screens and SMARTboards

Projectors, SMARTboards, and digital displays are becoming a staple in all educational facilities. From elementary schools to post secondary, teachers and professors need the latest in technology to optimize their teaching efforts. Pacific Integration is Vancouver’s source for the latest in display technology in classrooms across the city. Some of the key factors to consider when choosing a visual solution:

  • Resolution
  • Brightness
  • Number of participants


Request a consultation with one of our professionals to help you choose the best audiovisual solution suited to your needs and environment.

Public Address, Broadcast and Sound Systems

Pacific Integration has installed Public Address and Sounds Systems in schools across Vancouver. Our intuitive custom control systems allow instructors to easily setup, connect and broadcast any content; ensuring that classes flow smoothly from the first time, every time.


Contact our team today to bring the highest quality AV broadcast and sounds systems to your school, increase the productivity of your institution and the learning of your students.

Vancouver’s Leader In Education Systems and AV

Digital Boards and Interactive Learning Displays

Interactive displays and white boards make any learning experience more interesting. Vancouver classrooms are transformed into fun, hands on, digital experiences with the facilitator at the wheel. We provide remote lecture AV setup and installation ensure teaching can happen from anywhere.


Opposite to traditional paper signs, Digital Signage allows for real-time and visually appealing updates from a centralized controller. Digital signs are the environmentally friendly option by excellence since it doesn’t require paper or paint. In addition, Digital Signage delivers sound and visual content as well. It can also be set up to be interactive, so your audience can engage with the information being displayed