Flexible meeting environments for the modern world


Small 4-6 person meeting rooms, with teleconferencing, video conferencing and presentation content sharing.

Huddle rooms allow small groups to simply walk in and begin sharing ideas in a quiet and intimate setting – no booking required! With access to teleconferencing, video conferencing and presentation content sharing, participants will have all the equipment they need to connect in a hassle-free environment. Whether utilized in a corporate setting, or a trendy startup tech company, huddle rooms offer a budget friendly solution which enable you to do more with less.


8-24 person rooms, similar to huddle rooms, more functionality (lighting control, motorized shades, touch screen controllers).

Maximizing communication, efficiency and productivity is a goal of every organization, whether large or small. The modern boardroom provides a comfortable and professional environment in which to connect with peers, colleagues, clients and executives. When implemented creatively and correctly, technology can enhance meetings by allowing participants to share content, connect remotely and focus on the message, not the cumbersome technology. Options such as touch screen controllers, lighting controls and motorized shades, can create a communication experience for your business or organization which is streamlined and stress free.


20-100 people areas, usually utilized for big presentations, CEO addresses company (large screens, projectors, big sound, dedicated person to control the system behind the scenes).

Event spaces are multi-purpose areas for organizations to conduct all-hands meetings, accommodate company-wide functions or even rent to outside parties. These versatile spaces use projection technology, wireless collaboration devices and vocal reinforcement systems to allow all participants and presenters to communicate and share effectively together. Keynote presentations have never been as accessible and widespread as they are today.