Unlocking the learning potential


As education is constantly evolving, traditional pen and paper are being replaced by interactive and engaging technology within the classroom. Products such as SMART boards, interactive projectors and digital touch displays allow instructors to take an innovative, hands-on approach to teaching and student interaction. Students become active members of their education experience as opposed to passive bystanders simply taking notes. By being able to get out of their seats and interact with subject matter, students understand, retain and retrieve information in an increased capacity. With this interaction comes interest and enjoyment in what the students are learning.


When students work together to share ideas and exchange thoughts, they effectively become each other’s teachers. Through this process, the learning experience is greatly enhanced and the productive potential of a classroom is unlocked. This can be accomplished through wireless collaboration technology, where students use their iPhones, tablets and laptops to connect and work with peers. Students’ work is seamlessly displayed in real time on screen, without the use of a single wire.


In an emergency, communication is key to ensure the safety of all students and faculty. With a custom emergency paging system set in place, you can have the peace of mind that urgent messages will reach the ears of those in need, without delay. Paging systems also allow for background music to be distributed throughout hallways as well as providing students and faculty the ability to provide daily announcements for all to hear.